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Over the years, eKnowledge Corporation has continuously provided several types of products. Working with individuals, private and public sectors, and governments, eKnowledge produces customized programs and web sites.

Private Sector Programs

  • The Registered Manager
    "An electronic, interactive self-study resource for care home managers studying for the Registered Manager (Adult) NVQ 4" - Pavilion Publication


  • Three CD Rom program containing roughly 15 hours of video/audio and rich media training
  • The program permits multiple users and is being sold to Universities as well as individuals
  • Mazda Full Circle Program
    Training Program to assist personnel at approximately 750 dealerships in North America - Mazda North America


    • Interactive CD with Rich Media (Training Units approximately 45 minutes)

eTest Prep Programs

  • SAT Power Prep
    Unique, Interative Video SAT Prepartion Program on CD Rom

    We emulate the traditional teaching environment—students “bring the teacher home”. Targeted and systematically organized workshops, complete with printable outlines and workbooks, hundreds of practice questions and quizzes, with video and explanatory answers. Systematically addresses every concept and type of Verbal and Math question.

    For more information go to: sat.eknowledge.com

  • ACT Power Prep

  • Home LSAT
    Promoting competency and achievement in the legal profession


    • Course syllabus which guides you step by step through the program. Schedules are provided for beginning preparation 1, 2, 3 and 4 months in advance of the test.
    • A comprehensive 56 hour program video on VHS tape.

    For more information go to: padhomelsat.com

P.S.E.C. (Public Sector eLearning Coalition)
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The Public Sector e-Learning Coalition began in 2001-2002 and the project has already expanded to include over 500 governmental entities. The Current library of programs includes five titles and 4 titles in development and over thirty more titles being considered.


  • Harassment Prevention for Employee
  • Harassment Prevention for Manager
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Employes
  • Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers
  • Acceptable Use of the Internet

Under Development

  • Driver Safety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Customer Service
  • Computer Skill

Each title contains 20-60 minutes of rich media interactive video on CD with a backend database tracking system.

e-Brochure and Marketing [go to top]
  • Hawaiian Lomi Massage - Hawaiian Lomi Group, Inc.


    • CD Rom electronic brochure and product information.
    • Includes more than thirty minutes of engaging reviews, instructions, and tips.